Information About the Next Trading Event

Date and Time of Cranberry Trading Event #36:

Wednesday, July 25, 2018 at 8:00am Eastern Time

Starting prices for a trading event are set to 85% of the closing prices from the preceding trading event. The starting prices for trading event #36 are shown below.

Contract-1 will be for deliveries from August 2018 through October 2018 (3 months). (Please note Contract-1 winning bids will be essentially available for immediate shipment post-trading event.)

Contract-2 will be for deliveries from November 2018 through April 2019 (6 months).

Contract-3 will be for deliveries from May 2019 through October 2019 (6 months).

The minimum bid quantity for the trading event will be 1,000 US gallons (20 drums) for each contract.

Product: 50 degree brix concentrate

(Aug '18 - Oct '18)

(Nov '18 - Apr '19)

(May '19 - Oct '19)

Maximum Supply Quantity (gallons)
Starting Price
(US$ / gallon) ex USA

As in the past, Ocean Spray reserves the right to impose a minimum acceptable price which if not met allows all offers to be rejected. This minimum price, also referred to as a reserve price, if in effect, is predetermined prior to the trading event. Also, Ocean Spray reserves the right to make a one-time volume reduction (per contract) in an effort to continue the trading event if the reserve price has not been met.

Thank you for your interest in the cranberry concentrate trading event process.

Ocean Spray Cranberries

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